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Opening poem from the new book “Words of Want” by Stephen Scialli

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Alas, I would whisper
The words of want
into your heart
Stir the passionate fire
Make mine into your desire

Yumminess may abound
Smiles inside and out
Mood swing are found
Trying your sexiest pout
Intrigue just one
Two to be fun
Hearts racing for more
Open another of loves door
Take a healthy chance
Dive into deep water
In the lake of romance
Taught our part
W/what may ensue
Open loving heart
To feel it so true

Whisper the words

of want

into your soul

to dream the joy
of soul embrace

to hold the love
onto each other

sweet smile to last forever

no longer a chase

duly in our heart

whole in our soul

whole in our part


stephen scialli  © 2012