pixels on my screen begin to glow
here he is….. my heart quickens.
the image of an angel in electrons
reaching out at the speed of light.
his eyes pierce mine

our senses beginning to gel
I laugh……I cry
I don’t know why

characters…..then words appear
communicating his wisdom
his fingers caress the keyboard
touching my feelings
I am falling

I’m under his spell
I smile…… I sigh
I don’t know why

he sends vibrations to my speakers
his digitized breath sweeps over me
resonating with my soul
his voice beckons me
what can I do?

I’m under his spell
I can’t……. I try
I don’t know why

his connection is limited
we must be quick
exchange tokens of love
too late……. hes gone
but not from my heart

one day he’ll be back
until then ….I wait
under his spell
I can not lie…..
I do know why…
I’m in love

Sam x 2009

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