Mystery Passengers

Us passenger on the Earth
We came for what to do,
what that is useful
To speak or keep silent themselves
To work, seek airs
say to you
What a lot of people already had to say to you
The life it is pleasure , Or sighs
Why are we  there
But me I know why
I came for him
To asleep together,
In order he flies with my wings.
Mm, I am there for the love It seems
What to say? To be born and after dying,
Never nothing to be able to see,
To never know, Defeats or victories?
And over the roof, the Sky,
It is the only reason for me, him
to like to dance in this ball Under stars
Music and mystery
But for me, all is clear
I came for him
To wake up together,
In order he can fly with my wings. MmÉ MmÉ
I am there for the love It seems

2007 Catherine Pechoux

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