I am falling for you

My heart is wandering around a thousand miles away
Hoping to find love somewhere along the way

Then there was you, came into my life so suddenly
your smile transcend into my heart so deeply

I don’t know why, but when I look into your eyes
I felt something can’t explain but seems so right

You’ve got yours, I’ve got mine
I think I am losing my mind

I know I shouldn’t feel this way
how could it possible anyway

please catch me I am falling for you
I am lost and I don’t know what to do

how can something so wrong
seems feel so right all along

though its wrong for me to feel this way
finding love a thousand miles away

I cannot go on pretending that love will stay
that you will give your heart to me someday

some where in the silence, you can find your heart beating

someday far beyond today…somehow through the lonely nights
you will find your way that lead you into my heart

You know who you are……….

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