Movie Dude Review:Star Trek

Here is a movie which most will come in to see,with 43 years of Trek embedded in their brains! Well shuck it all away folks!! JJ Abrams has the new movie and he has done one hell of a good job!! His recreation of a franchise is so well executed as to have even the most frustrated fans will still enjoy! All the characters are back…as they started…the movie opens with a dreadnought of a ship breaking through the barriers of time,led by one Nero,a Romulon from the future! It introduces us to one Captain Kirk,that is Captain George Kirk (who is only a captain for 20 minutes)and his very pregnant wife,who leaves the ship while under attack…In the ensuing battle James Tiberius Kirk is born as his father dies saving the rest of the crew. Forged from the fiery battle,born in combat. The future is now changed. While Kirk grows older ,we are introduced to the brash reckless young man that  Starfleet is looking for! Enter Captain Christopher Pike(Bruce Greenwood) it seems young Kirk has a penchant for recklessness that is his inheritance ..As Captain Pike invites Kirk to join Starfleet,by challenging him to do better… this timeline he joins due to being invited,in the original timeline he wants to enlist,as his father is still alive!! The movie is fast paced and re-introduces all the characters to each other..There are som hilarious moments and great one liners.. We find out that Spock(played by Zachary  Quinto) has actually programed the Kobayashi Maru test that Cadet Kirk has actually beaten,thus their long friendship is initiated,through the act of illogical/logical defeat..the humor runs through the movie which makes it more enjoyable..the F/X is WOW! The cast is great…and the inclusion of Leonard Nimoy as Spock from the future is so cool..As he is the only one still around from the original pilot still alive..poetry in film…So many things to tell you but one you should know,GO SEE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!   

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