The Mystery

The mystery of life love when does it all end                          Am I always to wonder why this or why that

                      Or am I to endure the silent thoughts of the moods

                                           Of those around me

                          It feels like someone has a pillow over my face

                                                 I cannot breathe

                                   Will this pain come to an end?

                                    I could have the power to delete it

                           I see nothing in the future that can hold a key

                                 To what has been taking away from me

                                            Everyone has a taste for blood

                                            That word is so powerful

                             I lay awake at night in the darkness where

                                                  Tears cannot be seen

                             I think of when we met and all we shared

                                                    Now strangers



                                                 This Heart bleeds

                                               This Heart beats Gone



                                                   This Heart stops

                                             As this pain then will end

                                                So will the memory…

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