Soulmates of a Another Kind

Soulmates of another kind
They say my thoughts
And read my mind
They know my fears
They share them too
They type my sentences before I do
Their smile’s my reflection
Their voice my own
We have separate bodies
But one internal home

Always amazed each time I find one
Always thrilled to meet another
These soulmates of another kind
Are lifelong friends not fleeting lovers
I seem to know them “as if forever”
Time doesn’t notice when we met
That bond of “something special’s flowing”
Both face to face or across the “Net”
It doesn’t matter whats their gender
Whats their age or who they know
My soulmates of another kind
Exist within me and never go

My kindred spirits are soulmates with me throughout my life.
I don’t believe a soulmate is one designated person to be your lover.
My soul enjoys sharing with all the special ones in my life. 

by Sharon Bailey

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