Annoited One

I walk across the barren fields

Just  to be able to kneel at your feet;

forever knowing what your love can yield,

When your love wraps around me so sweet.

I just want to dance in your presence

And to praise you the whole day long!

Your fires falls upon me so intense

Me heart is filled with your Psalms!

My love for you is forever,

Never wavers never fails.

You are my best endeavor,

All else, besides you pales.

This crazy world’s done lost it!

They forget just WHO YOU are!

You’re still in control but all forget!

You shine like the brightest star!

You sit above us waiting

Till you feel our prayers float up,

Carried by angels anticipating,

How  you’ll fill our cups!

Your word goes out forever

And never returns to us void.

All need to try to endeavor

A little harder on this planetoid.

2008 Marilyn Aitken

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