She Comes To Me

She comes to me walking all silently,

Always nude in the light of heaven;

But fully armed exponentially

To Darkness, settled like yeast leaven.

She has no fear, she has no doubt

Ahe knows God shes her what Faith’s about.

She’s draped in a golden array;

Bringing all others to judgement day.

Across mountaintops she skips,

With two arch angels above and below.

She never lets a cruel word slip-

She knows how deep that pain can go.

She made the error of praying for patience:

Endured countless trials and tribulations

That spiritual boot-camp was so intense,

She hardly made it to to jubilation.

It hurts her heart to see others suffer pain,

She absorbs it from them within her own being.

She knows that their loss is really her own gain…

She gazes up with GOD”S eye seeing

Nothing but pure Holy Reign of GOD.

2008 Marilyn Aitken

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