Magnitude of My Love

Steady as the sands of time, descending grain by grain
High as the skies above, that bring the summer rain

Many as the twinkling stars, scattered across the night
Hotter than the scorching sun which burns by day so bright
Tender as a lover’s touch with passion at its peak
More helpless than a newborn baby as it is so weak 

Lovely as the gentle bird singing loves sweet song
Longer than the end of time and then go twice as long

Sweeter than honey ever made by any bee
Stronger than the largest mighty oak tree

Lonely as the worlds last man, because we are apart
Deeper than the deepest hole, the hole that’s in my heart

My love for you is all these things and more than I can say
My love for you is all I have to get me through each day

2008 Sharon Bailey

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