Movie Dude: Ghost Town

Ghost Town is a wonderful heart felt comedy in the true Dicken’s sense…It starts with Greg Kinnear finding out his Realtor has told his wife about his love den for his mistress,as he is telling the Realtor¬† about it,he narrowly misses getting a air conditioner on the head,only to walk in front of a cross town bus WHAM! He is dead! Along comes crotchety Ricky Gervais as a dentist with all the manners of a turnip,hates people and contact with the outside world..he enters the hospital for a routine colonoscopy,which turns out not to be so routine,as he finds out he died for 7 minutes,almost. He then has a run in with all sorts of ghosts who have unfinished business,one being Kinnear.¬†who makes a deal with Dentist Pinkus(Gervais) if agrees to help him out..I real joy to see Tea Leoni plays the ex-wife and love interest,she is just the most beautiful woman on this or any other planet..comedy ensues and it is a real heart warming story ,turning Pinkus into a real live human and worth a look on the big screen ,with a date! Big Brownie Points on this movie for you guys if you suggest it! Some good laughs,but a romantic comedy with a Dicken’s type scrooge in love and redemption..visited by ALL the ghosts!

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