Movie Dude: X-Files,I Want To Believe

Once again Chris Carter has penned and sat at the helm of another X-Files Movie,it is his creation and it is beautifully shot ,directed and acted in by the original stars of the series and the first movie! It starts out with with a kidnapped FBI agent,whose only clues to her whereabouts are from a mysterious psychic /preacher/pedophile.played excellently by Billy Connelly(whose sexual count is 37 altar boys! 37 My special number again appears). He discovers a  body part,and not the body! This lead the Agent In Charge,played by Amanda Peet,to recruit Dr. Scully and missing ex-agent Mulder..It has been 6 years since they departed the bureau and they both look HOT! Scully a doctor in a catholic childrens hospital,has her own demons to work out! She and Mulder have lost their child,William and no reason is given,(another movie perhaps)but she works in a childrens ward which developes into a beautiful side story.  As Scully enlists Mulder(who is in hiding) ,he once again becomes consumed by the maelstrom of the case,leading to many deaths ,betrayals,and the return of Skinner! They fall prey to a Frankenstein type doctor and his thugs,which tie into the missing FBI Agent and the priest!as per the course,Mulder and Dr. Scully save the day! But not before some really cool and sexy moments,as Dr. Scully and Mulder are now cohabitating! COOL BEANS! Worth seeing it on the big screen,just to see Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny,gorgeous on the big screen… Check out Mulder’s beard too!

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