Movie Dude: Dark Knight and Hancock

“Suspension of disbelief ” It is a term all Great Directors achieve when making a classic piece of cinema.. The ability to enter into the vision of the director and feel the reality of cinema.  Two such movies I have had the pleasure to enjoy this feeling as of late are The Dark Knight and Hancock.

Each of these movies  was definitely made for adults.  From Heath Ledger’s  Joker to Will Smith’s Hancock…NOT FOR CHILDREN…Each has endearing moments to fullfill your own innner child but have a hardcore reality in the unreality of film violence. The portrayls were exceptionally strong in The Dark Knight from the entire cast but,solidifying Christian Bales Dark Knight for many many years to come! The supporting players are no less..As Gary Oldmans outstanding Jim Gordon,the future police commisioner of  Gotham City stands out and,as everyone knows,all great heroes have great foes and great loses. It holds true to form in all the great stories. The hero seems to lose so much for the greater good! Woe be all…the loss of Heath Ledger is sad,for his super strong sociopathic manic is spellbinding and I dare any and all to look away from the screen when The Joker fills the void! NO ONE will be able to turn their head! As for Hancock,it is not the surprise twist I expected,but better! Once again ,I hate to rely on stereotypical phrase,but one thing is for sure..”Never act with a child or an animal” W.C. Fields They have the habit of stealing scenes, which otherwise put more force into the particular situation! Hancock is a rousing tale too…Shines a light where you did not think one would be!

This week X-Files returns and I will try to se nd you a report!

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