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Is Your Computer Slower Than When You Bought It?

(ARA) - Is your PC slower now than when you bought it? Do you get error messages when you try to un-install software? Do you have desktop icons that aren’t working?

If so, your computer is likely experiencing problems with its registry database, the operating system component that stores information about the system, application settings and hardware. Even if you’re extremely careful about how you use your computer and never download questionable material, over time it is inevitable that your system will accumulate unwanted registry entries, errors, clutter and debris.

The most common causes are the installation and removal of software, online games, application crashes and upgrades of software programs. While many errors will go unnoticed, the more errors your computer has, the higher the chances that you’ll experience trouble. But there is something proactive you can do to protect your system: install a one-click tool called Advanced Registry Optimizer 5 (ARO 5) that will scan, identify and repair errors.

Not sure if you really need one? Sammsoft, a Washington State software company, offers free trials of their ARO 5 software people can use to check their systems for errors. Click here to begin the download process.

Once the download is complete, just click the “Run” button to install ARO 5. Once installed, the program will do a complete scan and diagnosis of your computer’s registry and tell you how many errors are present.  It will then fix the first 20 problems  completely free of charge.

There’s no catch. The company just hopes you’ll love the personal version of ARO 5 so much you’ll consider purchasing the unlimited commercial system which retails for $29.95.

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