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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

wind whisper me

rain tears me

nobody can understand me

2008 nikky chan

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

pure mind

empty sorrow

can u feel me

2008 Nikky-chan

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

as u touch my heart

we belong together

can they stop us?

2008 Nikky-chan 

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

dark night

lovely lovers

smell my breath?

2008 Nikky-Chan

Ballad of John O’Reilly

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

John O’Reilly was quite a man

now gone too soon from this earth.

He came to us from over the see

from Scotland, the land of his birth.

He lived, he loved, and oh, how he laughed

with Helen, the lass that he loved.

While she’s yet here, to care for their kin,

he’ll watch over her from above.

John O’Reilly, he lived and he loved,

 and yes, he’s laughing still.

He laughed at life, and laughs at death

and he’s hoping that you too will.

Helen with weans at her knee

spins tales of Scotland and John.

She’ll share his love with all of them

now she’s left to carry on.

Helen will hug and kiss the weans

to remind them of Grandpa John’s love.

And in the quiet, she’s sure she hears

John laughing aloud from above.

John’s love still lives in Helen, his lass.

She can hear this all in his laughter.

And one day, when the time is right,

she’ll meet with him in the hereafter.

One day our weans will tell a story to theirs

of laughter they heard on the wind.

And they were sure it had to be

John O. and his Helen, his love, and his friend.


Kimber Barrow

Magnitude of My Love

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Steady as the sands of time, descending grain by grain
High as the skies above, that bring the summer rain

Many as the twinkling stars, scattered across the night
Hotter than the scorching sun which burns by day so bright
Tender as a lover’s touch with passion at its peak
More helpless than a newborn baby as it is so weak 

Lovely as the gentle bird singing loves sweet song
Longer than the end of time and then go twice as long

Sweeter than honey ever made by any bee
Stronger than the largest mighty oak tree

Lonely as the worlds last man, because we are apart
Deeper than the deepest hole, the hole that’s in my heart

My love for you is all these things and more than I can say
My love for you is all I have to get me through each day

2008 Sharon Bailey


Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Soft lips

on softer skin

Brushing lightly

over pebbled nipples

Whiskered face

scratching tender spots

Lips on lips

juices flowing



world exploding

2008 Kimber Dawn

Love Defined

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

What is love, but an emotion,
so strong and, so pure.
That nurtured and shared with another.
All tests it will endure?

What is love, but a force
to bring the mighty low
with the strength to shame the mountains
and halt time a ceaseless flow?

What is love, but a triumph
a glorious goal attained.
The union of two souls. Two hearts
a bond the angels have ordained?

What is love, but a champion
to cast the tyrant from his throne
and raise the flag of truth and peace
and fear, of death overthrown?

What is love, but a beacon
to guide the wayward heart
a blazing light upon the shoals
that dash cherished dreams apart?

And what is love, but forever
eternal and sincere.
A flame that through wax and wane
will out live life’s brief years?

So I will tell it on the mountaintops,
In all places high and low,
That love, for you is my reason to

 be and will never break or bow.

2008By: Sharon Bailey