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Opening poem from the new book “Words of Want” by Stephen Scialli

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Alas, I would whisper
The words of want
into your heart
Stir the passionate fire
Make mine into your desire

Yumminess may abound
Smiles inside and out
Mood swing are found
Trying your sexiest pout
Intrigue just one
Two to be fun
Hearts racing for more
Open another of loves door
Take a healthy chance
Dive into deep water
In the lake of romance
Taught our part
W/what may ensue
Open loving heart
To feel it so true

Whisper the words

of want

into your soul

to dream the joy
of soul embrace

to hold the love
onto each other

sweet smile to last forever

no longer a chase

duly in our heart

whole in our soul

whole in our part


stephen scialli  © 2012

Interview with Stephen Scialli

Friday, October 12th, 2012

The following interview with Stephen is a combination of author bio and a blurb about his new book, “Words of Want”, which will be released soon. He is a fascinating individual with a unique flair for words.

About the author/author bio

October 2012

 When compiling this bio, it was decided to do it as an interview. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to introduce Stephen Scialli.

 Interviewer Rita Green: I am really honored to be interviewing you, Stephen. I am a great fan of your work. Tell me, where do you hail from originally?

 Stephen: I was born in Tokyo, but I grew up in what I call a non-English speaking area known as New Jersey. *smiles*

 Rita: Care to expound on the Non-English speaking area comment?

 Stephen: A place called Lanoka Harbor, Lacey Township. Yes, they speak “Americanese”. *more smiles*

 Rita: (laughing) Now, that is an interesting way to describe where you lived. You make your home in another state now, right?

 Stephen: Yes, I live in the Great State of Texas, a place called Seminole. Of course, like in Lanoka Harbor, there are no real Seminole natives anymore. Lanoka means “Lucky Indian” in Lenape. Not a single Lenape within 200 miles of my old hometown!

 Rita: Concerning your poetry, what inspires you?

 Stephen: Women. All of them. (Sly smile) Life throws a muse at me all the time, if you read the signs. Could be anything, but ultimately, “beauty shared is beauty enjoyed.”

 Rita: That answer is inspiring in itself. Do you have a set form or routine you follow when you write? Or, do the words just flow?

 Stephen: They flow from my fingertips, sometimes with a life of their own.

 Rita: For those of us with curious minds, would you tell us a few of your favorite things to do when you are not writing?

 Stephen: Women. (Mischievous smile)  Ok…I like to ride my Harley, travel to places, eat good foods. Read when I have time, cooking is a passion too. Love to ski… Anything to do with water…boating, fishing, skiing and jet ski. I’m a surfer too.

 Rita: Wow! You have such a variety of things you enjoy. Sounds like a full life! If you could say one thing to aspiring writers to encourage them, what would that be?

 Stephen: Write what you feel, not what others say you should write! Whether it be horror, fiction, sci-fi, bios…go with your heart. Poems have no right or wrong in my way of thinking.

 Rita: That is great advice. Now, Stephen, could you give us a few words about your new book of poetry called “Words of Want”?

 Stephen: It’s a bit of passion self help for those who need some guidance.

 Rita: Very well put! I’m sure there are other works of yours to be seen in the future?

 Stephen: Yes, I have so much to write and have written so much. The future is full of new passions to enjoy. Those are past and never again, to today and future we begin.

 Rita: Thank you, Stephen, for your candid answers and your charming wit.

 Stephen: My pleasure to be interviewed by a lovely lady such as yourself.

 Rita: Thank you again, Stephen, that was very sweet of you. I look forward to perhaps interviewing you again sometime.

 Stephen: As do I.

Reviews from “Wind in My Head”

Friday, October 12th, 2012

If you haven’t read this book of poetry, you should. This is Stephen’s previous release. Here are some reviews from readers of that book.

This review is from: Wind In My Head: Volume 3 A Collection Of Our Poems Some W/Friends 

Red Hot!, August 9, 2012 by 

5.0 out of 5 stars

Sunset7: It has been many years since I’ve read poetry and I didn’t know what I’ve been missing! Wow, quite a red hot read! Stephen’s writing talent shines through even as he writes blush evoking raw emotions of romance, longing and love. Beautifully written. One of his poems states “I am poetry” and I believe he is!



5.0 out of 5 stars The big Blush, July 24, 2012




This review is from: Wind In My Head: Volume 3 A Collection Of Our Poems Some W/Friends 

I must admit this book made me blush! This book should have been titled 50 shades of Steve! Intimate, erotica. Well written.


5.0 out of 5 stars WOW!, October 5, 2011



Sassy18630 – 

This review is from: Wind In My Head: Volume 3 A Collection Of Our Poems Some W/Friends 

The title of this review is too mild, but I don’t think I can say what it did to me! I’m going to have to buy a pregnancy test! Oh it is magic on paper! Thank you, Stephen!




Wonderful ! ! !, August 13, 2012



roni – 

This review is from: Wind In My Head: Volume 3 A Collection Of Our Poems Some W/Friends 

I so enjoyed Stephen Scialli’s romantic book. It expressed his feelings of intimacy and love, put to words in various degrees. The poetry was easy to read and understand. Depending on your mood, you could find something to spike your feelings to higher levels. Looking forward to more reads from this writer. Wishing he and his books much success. Hope his future writings are just as romantic as this one. Thank you for sharing.

Check it out here: