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ocean moment again

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

beneath the calm

a winded breath

fades in and out

a sigh of warmth

gathers about

a salty spray

trickles down

the waves

build again

2009 sandy adams

ocean touch

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

colored like dawn

i sit and watch

the ocean slow kiss the sand

like a tongue

it traces every inch

i am aroused

yet envious

of that touch

2009 sandy adams

Tracing Thoughts

Monday, May 11th, 2009

at night, i close my eyes
and see your smile
as it erases the distance between us;

sometimes i feel like a poem
lost somewhere in a poet’s mind,
a thought
a dream
waiting to be released
on paper sheets

i can almost hear them,
unfinished poems
falling like leaves
in the silence of night
tossed about in autumn’s air
as you write them out

i want to feel the warmth of your touch,
like a fingered-pen as you write me out
from the depths of your mind,
and be the breath that falls
from your lips to sheets,
a masterpiece being born
again and again.

sometimes i feel like the poet,
lost within my own words
and thoughts,
breathless upon the stage
after a midnight reading,
yet, i want to read you
again and again.

i want to be the whisper
that falls under the moon,
a kiss beneath the stars,
a breath from my lips
to yours,
be the silence of words
and the only thought
within your mind,
or all the thoughts
as you dream
on sheets of white

Sandy Adams