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Movie Dude Review:Star Trek

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Here is a movie which most will come in to see,with 43 years of Trek embedded in their brains! Well shuck it all away folks!! JJ Abrams has the new movie and he has done one hell of a good job!! His recreation of a franchise is so well executed as to have even the most frustrated fans will still enjoy! All the characters are back…as they started…the movie opens with a dreadnought of a ship breaking through the barriers of time,led by one Nero,a Romulon from the future! It introduces us to one Captain Kirk,that is Captain George Kirk (who is only a captain for 20 minutes)and his very pregnant wife,who leaves the ship while under attack…In the ensuing battle James Tiberius Kirk is born as his father dies saving the rest of the crew. Forged from the fiery battle,born in combat. The future is now changed. While Kirk grows older ,we are introduced to the brash reckless young man that  Starfleet is looking for! Enter Captain Christopher Pike(Bruce Greenwood) it seems young Kirk has a penchant for recklessness that is his inheritance ..As Captain Pike invites Kirk to join Starfleet,by challenging him to do better… this timeline he joins due to being invited,in the original timeline he wants to enlist,as his father is still alive!! The movie is fast paced and re-introduces all the characters to each other..There are som hilarious moments and great one liners.. We find out that Spock(played by Zachary  Quinto) has actually programed the Kobayashi Maru test that Cadet Kirk has actually beaten,thus their long friendship is initiated,through the act of illogical/logical defeat..the humor runs through the movie which makes it more enjoyable..the F/X is WOW! The cast is great…and the inclusion of Leonard Nimoy as Spock from the future is so cool..As he is the only one still around from the original pilot still alive..poetry in film…So many things to tell you but one you should know,GO SEE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!   

Movie Dude: Ghost Town

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Ghost Town is a wonderful heart felt comedy in the true Dicken’s sense…It starts with Greg Kinnear finding out his Realtor has told his wife about his love den for his mistress,as he is telling the Realtor  about it,he narrowly misses getting a air conditioner on the head,only to walk in front of a cross town bus WHAM! He is dead! Along comes crotchety Ricky Gervais as a dentist with all the manners of a turnip,hates people and contact with the outside world..he enters the hospital for a routine colonoscopy,which turns out not to be so routine,as he finds out he died for 7 minutes,almost. He then has a run in with all sorts of ghosts who have unfinished business,one being Kinnear. who makes a deal with Dentist Pinkus(Gervais) if agrees to help him out..I real joy to see Tea Leoni plays the ex-wife and love interest,she is just the most beautiful woman on this or any other planet..comedy ensues and it is a real heart warming story ,turning Pinkus into a real live human and worth a look on the big screen ,with a date! Big Brownie Points on this movie for you guys if you suggest it! Some good laughs,but a romantic comedy with a Dicken’s type scrooge in love and redemption..visited by ALL the ghosts!

Movie Dude: Righteous Kill

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

The second movie I was glad to see on Friday was Righteous Kill a Jon Avnet movie starring Robert De Niro ,Al Pacino and a host of terrific actors. It is a whodunit cop serial killer mystery,starting off with a shot of a confession by De Niro to a camera,saying he killed and was the killer,the actors tear up the screen and everybody who is up there shows a real love for their craft as one twists and turns in the breeze waiting for the answer which halfway through was telegraphed,yet I was still surprised right till the end…Avnet has a real talent to bring the best out in his actors and Righteous Kill is no different..excellent shots,excellent acting and good strong story….enjoy the show and pass the popcorn!

Movie Dude: Burn After Reading

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Two movies opened the 12th of September that I had the joy to watch. The first was Burn After Reading by the Coen brothers,it is a DARK Comedy of Coen’s usual twists and turns…It had a stellar cast with such superb performances it may be worth another watching…It starts by having John Malkovich,playing a CIA analyst Osbourne Cox,being demoted,because he is accused of drinking too much by a mormon agent! He storms out and quits. Brad Pitt puts in a hilarious twist on a fitness instructor that was worth the price of admission alone! George  Clooney is a Treasury Agent who ‘not once in 20 years,discharged my weapon’is cheating on his wife with multiple partners,ahh the Washington DC scene. The Coen’s turn it up a notch and you are in for a joyous ride of ups and downs,twists galore…worth another look!

Movie Dude: Death Race

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

A mix of The Road Warrior and Running Man brings to life the remake of DeathRace 2000! A movie Roger Corman made 30 years ago is now produced by him also…..A man,Jason Stratham, is wrongly convicted of murdering his wife and happens to be an ex-Nascar driver…winds up in my fellow Philadelphian Joan Allen’s Prison where she is the Hardest Bitchiest Warden on the planet. As corporations now own everything and the government is useless(sound familiar,oil companies!) the world is placated by Death Race,driven by nothing but inmates,it is a no holds barred to the death finish! The race is run in 3 parts and the winner of 5 races wins his freedom,but the warden has other ideas,ratings. Her champion by the name of Frankenstein,is played by whatever driver wears the mask…he has 4 wins and the offer to drive for her goes to Stratham. He figures out he was set up and the adrenaline gets boosted! As the innocent man is not so innocent in his revenge as one by one they fall…the special FX are great and the pace is rumbling through the entire movie as the unlikeliest of pair team up to prove that not only the bad guys can win if there are badder guys against them…. great action lots of gore in the blow-em-up scenes….check it out,and for you action fans,a MUST! 

Movie Dude: Tropic Thunder

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Tropic Thunder is a work of genius all around! A satire with so much great acting,it had me in stitches! From the opening sequence,we  see the trailers of all of all the actors in the movie,PHONY TRAILERS! The all so proud actors and their respective collection of work leading them to this Vietnam action pic. It is written by Four Leaf Taggert,a POW vetern who lost both his hands,played by the ever charismatic Nick Nolte, is soon to be seen into a movie. But 5 days into shooting,they are 50 million in the hole! The producer,played byTom Cruise as a hirsute ,balding caricature of himself,is so funny that I laughed so hard I was out of breath! As the head of the studio,with a Runyonesque name of Les Grosseman he barks out orders as sycophants surround him in his studio. Ben Stiller (buffed out) is terrific as the actor who is worth more dead then alive,plays Tuggman, a man on the edge of the abyss of his career. Stiller has directed a comedy worth many views over as he allows ALL the actors to go over the top in their performance! A -list actors have cameos through out the movie and it is just a riot as twists and turn happen in a predictable way that satisfies the movie and the audience. Jack Black,plays an actor who is so strung out,he is constantly high…Robert Downey Jr,is an actor so method,who won 5 Oscars,that he undergoes a drastic operation to make himself black! As typical,most actors have neurotic issues and they blown way out for this movie! They are just terrific as are all the cast..Stiller really has done a bang up job with all his crew. If I was being paid for writing this,you would have detail after detail,but this is what you get for free…GO SEE THE MOVIE!

Movie Dude: The Mummy,The Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Rob Cohen has done it again! A rousingly beautifully shot saturday afternoon adventure! The scenes are breathtaking as we open with the Emperor (Jet Li in a great role) staking claim to everything in the known world,crushing his opposition with ruthlessness,as do all despots of the ages. He claims a witch(played by martial arts fav Michelle Yeoh),who is to place a spell of immortality on the Emperor,but knows she has been betrayed and  places a curse on him and his army instead! This places our next scene in present day,late 1940’s postwar china,with young Alex now grown to manhood and is also an archeologist,like his parents..He soon finds the tomb and his future.. Attacked by a mysterious assassin who takes his heart instead of his life, we have the running theme through all the Mummy franchises.. It than leads to England where The O’Connells are now a bored couple waiting for the next adventure to come their way. The Gorgeous Maria Bello,is just perfect to replace The Gorgeous Rachel Weitz! While she gets to do a great line about” I am a completey different woman” at a book reading of her latest novel! We all get the joke and it is cleverly done. She has her tough moments when she seems awkward,but Brendan Frasier soon has her acting so smoothly with his onscreen charm, you soon forget any other woman played his wife! The FO(Foreign Office) soon involves the O’Connells into a trip destined to be another adventure! The scenery is gorgeous,the chinese is so beautiful to hear and the action is nonstop! All thanks to Mr. Cohen’s wonderful direction. The Yeti’s are just the coolest and the battle by Shangri La is breathtaking! you get to see enough of the fabled Lost City for you to use your own imagination,for this I applaud Mr. Cohen..the CGI is great and the story seamless! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon Mr. Cohen!

Movie Dude: X-Files,I Want To Believe

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Once again Chris Carter has penned and sat at the helm of another X-Files Movie,it is his creation and it is beautifully shot ,directed and acted in by the original stars of the series and the first movie! It starts out with with a kidnapped FBI agent,whose only clues to her whereabouts are from a mysterious psychic /preacher/pedophile.played excellently by Billy Connelly(whose sexual count is 37 altar boys! 37 My special number again appears). He discovers a  body part,and not the body! This lead the Agent In Charge,played by Amanda Peet,to recruit Dr. Scully and missing ex-agent Mulder..It has been 6 years since they departed the bureau and they both look HOT! Scully a doctor in a catholic childrens hospital,has her own demons to work out! She and Mulder have lost their child,William and no reason is given,(another movie perhaps)but she works in a childrens ward which developes into a beautiful side story.  As Scully enlists Mulder(who is in hiding) ,he once again becomes consumed by the maelstrom of the case,leading to many deaths ,betrayals,and the return of Skinner! They fall prey to a Frankenstein type doctor and his thugs,which tie into the missing FBI Agent and the priest!as per the course,Mulder and Dr. Scully save the day! But not before some really cool and sexy moments,as Dr. Scully and Mulder are now cohabitating! COOL BEANS! Worth seeing it on the big screen,just to see Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny,gorgeous on the big screen… Check out Mulder’s beard too!

Movie Dude: Hellboy 2,The Golden Army

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Since I am a BIG comic book fan,it is easy for me to enjoy Hellboy 2 and all the wonderful things that are done with CGI nowadays makes sense that comic books come to life so easily..WOW Is Selma Blair HOT! even when she is not on fire! Ron Perlman is such a strong actor ,he actually seems to enjoy wearing all that latex! He really is the best choice that could have been made to be Hellboy!  The story starts out with John Hurt telling the young Hellboy a bedtime story,which is the premise of the Golden Army,an invincible army of golden warriors,able never to be defeated! It is part Lord of The Rings ,which to say it is an old fable of Man  vs Magical Creatures and how an unlikely truce has saved all until NOW! The army is only ruled by the true line of royal blood and by the Crown Of Gold,which commands the army to do the bidding of the True Ruler and bloodline . The crown was broken up into 3 pieces and 2 held by the royals and one by man! This is where the action starts and leads into the Troll Market! The Troll Market is a blast,since Star Wars cantina scene evceryone has been trying to do better,they should stop and take for example the Troll Market…It is just surreal ,yet has a feeling as if you would actually find someone you know walking down it’s very corridors!  Twists are the deal this summer in the cinema. As you will see in this beautifully shot movie,a little gory but good enough to bring 10 year olds in and see. it has nice shots of Philadelphia from a distance of it’s skyline and the lands of Ireland for the final sequence of events.Beautifully shot,everywhere . And as per great Love stories( inside a comic book and great stories through the ages)..the unrequited love is the most touching and of course tradgic in all ,which causes the strongest pull on your heart strings…Enjoy an hour and a half of comic book cinema.  Pass the popcorn! AND Selma Blair! WOW!!HOT! HOT! HOT!

Movie Dude: Dark Knight and Hancock

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

“Suspension of disbelief ” It is a term all Great Directors achieve when making a classic piece of cinema.. The ability to enter into the vision of the director and feel the reality of cinema.  Two such movies I have had the pleasure to enjoy this feeling as of late are The Dark Knight and Hancock.

Each of these movies  was definitely made for adults.  From Heath Ledger’s  Joker to Will Smith’s Hancock…NOT FOR CHILDREN…Each has endearing moments to fullfill your own innner child but have a hardcore reality in the unreality of film violence. The portrayls were exceptionally strong in The Dark Knight from the entire cast but,solidifying Christian Bales Dark Knight for many many years to come! The supporting players are no less..As Gary Oldmans outstanding Jim Gordon,the future police commisioner of  Gotham City stands out and,as everyone knows,all great heroes have great foes and great loses. It holds true to form in all the great stories. The hero seems to lose so much for the greater good! Woe be all…the loss of Heath Ledger is sad,for his super strong sociopathic manic is spellbinding and I dare any and all to look away from the screen when The Joker fills the void! NO ONE will be able to turn their head! As for Hancock,it is not the surprise twist I expected,but better! Once again ,I hate to rely on stereotypical phrase,but one thing is for sure..”Never act with a child or an animal” W.C. Fields They have the habit of stealing scenes, which otherwise put more force into the particular situation! Hancock is a rousing tale too…Shines a light where you did not think one would be!

This week X-Files returns and I will try to se nd you a report!